Horizon Analytics - Dashboard - Rich Text Improvements

Aside from full HTML support, there are some features that would be very useful in the Rich Text widget for Horizon Dashboards. I don’t know if any of these would be possible but throwing them out there:


  • More text sizes. It’s a bit of a pain with only four options and not much granularity.
  • Columns. I’d like to split a long unordered list across a wide widget into columns, not just be forced to scroll or make a tall vertical widget.
  • Better spacing for hard and soft returns. Sometimes you just want a line break, sometimes you want a full line after your last.
  • More fonts please!
  • Vertical Top/Center/Bottom alignment



+1 more customizability is always nice to have!

@bradleymcg and @kstim thank you for your feedback, shared with the product team too.

+1, would also love the ability to color the backgrounds of rich text areas to help break things up visually.

I’d like to see more customization of font colors (like a HEX code input)

I’d also like to add onto my own post: The ability to have different Header/font sizes on the same line E.g. Header One Text Here - Smaller H3 or Paragraph text here.

All this, and a little more parity between visualization in Desktop Mode vs. Laptop Mode:


Desktop Mode - a lot of white space


Laptop Mode - spaced relatively ok
Mobile Mode


+1 to more fonts! 

I’d like to see the ability to add tokens in Rich Text if at all possible. I created my own post here: 


Hi All,

Thanks for sharing all these ideas.

Want to update that we are looking at some improvement opportunities in the rich text widget. I can share more details post analyzing the PoC work. cc: @rahul_prayakarao