Hold Data Types in Subsequent DD Tasks

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[Posting on behalf of customer]


Currently, if a case field in a Data Designer task results in a change in the field’s data type, the updated data type does not automatically pull through into the subsequent steps of the DD. It seems that resolution is to individually re-save each task following that which the change in data type was initiated to ensure they are saved with the new metadata.


Ideally, changes of this demise should cascade through to the subsequent steps of the Data Design to ultimately prevent any errors upon running.

Customer here and thanks for posting @mmayhall !


In my case I changed a case boolean to a string field later on in my build, and while I had re-saved that task and some of the following ones, I evidently did not save all of the subsequent ones and was continually met with an error for a boolean field that no longer existed and could not trace down.

Given that Data Designer has a Cascade ADD feature already, it is very strange that there is no cascade update that should automatically execute when metadata is changed. 

Since the new Horizon Rules will work largely off of the DD platform, it’s possible this issue will impact that area as well @rakesh fyi @zach_davis