Hide Disabled/Unavailable Attributes in Audience Explorer User Profile

When viewing the full profile of Current implementation is a strike-through attributes that are turned-off/disabled and labels with no values. Our preference would be to hide those attributes from view if they are null or disabled and possibly have a toggle to show them. Users who have no control or experience in the platform will be tripping over the extra data points and may be confused between Visitor and Account.

Good suggestion @ryan.deverman , this would surely help keep the PX User Profile cleaner and easier to read. 


For those that are interested, below is a screenshot of how disabled Custom User/Account Attributes are currently displayed on the PX User Profile:


If the Custom Attributes are truly no longer needed, they can be quickly deleted by your PX Admin and this will remove them from the PX User Profile display.  When they are deleted, any/all custom data that they may have previously stored will be lost, so be sure this is acceptable.


Thanks @ryan.deverman and @link_black. We can try to make the attributes that are disabled look cleaner.