Help Validate InstanceLevel data on Load

We love the ability to view INSTANCELEVEL data graphically within Gainsight - but one of the critical pieces of doing this is the ability to drill down to 1 instance and see it's usage levels over time.  While most of our instancelevel data works fine, there were a few weeks where the initial data was loaded without an "InstanceLevel ID" value.  Without populating this value, the Instance Name doesn't appear within the Usage Data graphical view (Cust 360, etc.).  We've fixed recent weeks and are correcting this moving forward, but I wanted to post this in case it can help other customers going forward:

A good solution may be to simply setup a validation or alert to Admin that checks if a loaded record is an INSTANCELEVEL record - and if so - alerts if any of these critical fields are missing (Instance level ID, Name, & external ID). 
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