Help navigating in the contextual engagement builder

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From this spot in the builder, it's hard moving to any next or previous step. I have no idea what to click in the menu:

PX could help me navigate by either:

  1. highlighting the current step in the dropdown menu

  2. showing some text from the modal in the dropdown instead of the title it asks me to enter (which can become outdated and which I tend to skip)*

  3. adding the <5/18> style navigator used in other parts of the builder to this part of the builder (but what would really be prefereable would be to integrate all of the builder functionality into this contexual builder where my app is in the background)

*I have not been entering meaningful title info because it is fragile to updates and even well done provides no value to my users. I generally pass through multiple iterations where the content and targets change, so a correct title would need to change as well. This sort of title maintenance would not be a good use of my time.

@mikewohlwend thanks for posting your product idea.

cc: @ciarapeter / @mickey

Great idea @mikewohlwend - I like the highlighting suggestion, will see what we can do.