Health Score slider preventing 0/100 selection

When attempting to set a health score value to 0 or 100, the slider often stops at 1 or 99, respectively. Shifting the slider around, or coming back in, will eventually allow you to set the correct value. Would like to have that anomaly fixed to prevent the extra work, or agent just leaving it at the incorrect value.
Hi JD, 

I have been in touch with our support team and this is not something we have seen before. I have been trying to replicate this problem and have not been able to. Is this happening for all of your measures or just specific measures? Do you notice this happening in specific scenarios? For instance, it was in the red and now you are trying to update? 
Also any Inputs on what Browser,OS are you using ?
Windows 8; Chrome. Reviewed this issue with our Gainsight CSD, and she was able to reproduce. It happens if your mouse cursor moves beyond the score "window". Whatever number the slider has reached once you go beyond the window boundary is where it will stop. When you go back "inside" the window, you can then move it to the desired setting.
JD, Thanks for the additional details. What I have found is that if I move my mouse off of the circle slider, it will not continue to move even though my mouse is still moving. 

@Somasekhar, do you know if this is working as intended? 
There are two interaction which are possible

1) Hold the circle slider and drag it to the required score.

2) Click on the slider bar where you want the circle slider to be placed.

And I think this is working as intended.
JD, Missed to mention this in my previous post. Although this is not a funcational issue,there is a room to improve from the usability perspective.We will check with UX team on how we can improve here.              

Thanks for your feedback.
im seeing the same thing in the latest FF version.   It takes some patience, but I can finally get it to 0 or 100 with some slight movement of the mouse.   Maybe an option to type the value could overcome some browser concerns.
I think I figured out why it's a bit sticky. When dragging the circle to adjust the customer health score, if you move your cursor outside the red lines I sketched up below, the health slider stops moving. You can move it back within the red lines while still holding the slider and the score will begin moving again.

This causes problems because CSMs often try to slide the health score for 100 for certain measures, but do it so quickly that the cursor makes it outside of the red lines before the slider can make it to 100, and it often ends up in the high 80s or 90s. If you move the mouse slowly, there's no problem. Most CSMs are quick though:) 

We have had multiple complaints about this, so it would be awesome if engineering could work on a fix. 
Hi -- We're still having problems with this. Any updates on a potential fix?
I've tripped over the same issues as a Gainsight employee in trying to quickly zero-out or max a score - the UI isn't very forgiving in that sense, definitely.  Throwing an idea out to the product group here:  

Perhaps a button at either end of the scale that's a 'point & click' for 0 or 100 (and would actually work for lowest or highest score setting regardless of scorecard config?).  Since you're already moving more slowly when wanting to select a specific score value, I haven't had much trouble 'inside' the slider, but quick min or max might help a lot of people!
I'd propose a solution that is even more elegant: Allowing the user to type in a score. I've comically watched CSMs use their mouse in an elusive attempt to land on a 50, or a 60 or a 70. One has to be fairly precise with the mouse to land on a specific score. Allowing typing of a score would alleviate a multitude of minor inconveniences with the slider.
Agreed, we've had that request from our CSD's as well
Yes. We've had tons of requests for the ability to type a score. That would be fantastic, if possible. 
This will be addressed in the currently underway scorecards revamp effort. When using a numeric scale, an option to manually input score will be provided.


We are introducing a new slider component that addresses these issues. This new slider will be implemented as part of the scorecard reports revamp, and will be ready within 2 months.