Having a Cascading start date for Success plan objectives

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In a Gantt Chart via Success Plans, if you change the start date of the CTA, the start date does not cascades down to the associated tasks. Users will manually need to change that start date as well.

Lack of this is causing conflicts like where a CTA start date can be changed to the present, but the tasks can be started in the past.

This is a real pain, especially when you have a lot of task in a success plan via an objective template.  Most times, if not always, a task start date is dependent on a previous task and/or CTA.  

If I have an Objective CTA for Adoption, and that CTA has to be delayed, changing the start date of the CTA should also prompt the platform to ask if you also want to change the start dates for its tasks.  Basically the same logic thats in place when you change the due date of task or CTA.  

@andorfuhrer Thanks for bringing this up here! We have added this to our road-map. I will update you here once we consider this for release. 

We also need the ability to link dependent objectives to help support scheduling 

This would be similar to using dependencies in project management tools. In Smartsheets, you can set dependencies and predecessors. This allows you to set wether tasks should start together or finish together for example. I think there’s a lot more GS could do here. But if there was a way to at least cascade the tasks and push everything out by x number of days, that would be helpful.

Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and implemented in the Success Plan Horizon Analytics available in Gainsight NXT (Link). Success Plan Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as the ability to add dependency between the End Date and Start Date of multiple Objective CTAs, as well as the ability to drag-and-drop Objective CTAs in the Gantt Chart tab to change their End Dates, Start Dates, and the corresponding dates of all dependent Objective CTAs/Tasks.

Thanks for posting!