Have option for "Completed" Engagement Status

I recently had a scheduled engagement so users could register for a live webinar. I only wanted the engagement to appear for a couple weeks, then stop. I’ve noticed with other scheduled engagements the Status will change to “Completed” after the date range used.


With this recent engagement, I also had it displayed in the bot, so users could find it there as well. The scheduled was set to expire at 9:00am today, then I removed it from the bot. The Status is still showing as “Active.”


My suggestion is that we have an option to change an engagement status to Completed. That would make it easier for filtering and reporting. I know that I can change the status to “Paused” but that is not an accurate designation. Plus, then in the “Paused” category when filtering, some of them are paused (for editing, etc.) and some of them are Completed.

I like this idea as today, “completed” only applies to automatic engagements that complete their schedule and expire. Although, many engagements live in the K-Bot as well, and will eventually expire their use. The “completed” status would be helpful for any engagements that have completed their useful service, but have not yet been “archived”.


Hi @JayS ; will look into the request and take it further as an enhancement.

We also have this problem. Our engagements are both automatic and show in the Knowledge Center. They expire from being an in app popup and stay in the bot for a while. We’d like to clean them out periodically.

Unfortunately, I cannot mark these as complete so they show up as paused. As the original poster stated, this is misleading.