Guide Preview Starting From Any Step

Hi everyone,

We feel that it would be really great if you would make it possible to preview guide engagements starting from any step of the same guide. In the current setup, each time that we want to preview our guides, we need to go back to the starting page (on which the starting step is mapped).

I believe that we’ve all went through some fights with our guide engagements as well as we all lost our heads at least once while trying to find out “why is it breaking here?”. It’s a learning process. But this learning process and the customer experience as such would be way better if we would be able to fix the problematic step and then to relaunch the guide to continue walking us through from that exact step which we fixed to the last step of the guide.

There is also the use case when you are presenting to your internal teams the guide which you just made. And imagine that, unexpectedly, the guide breaks somewhere in the middle during this presentation. You would probably unlink the problematic element and then link it in on the intended page element in some more suitable way, while apologizing to the audience. At this point, you’d probably like to continue your presentation from that step forward. The only thing is that… you can’t - you need to go back to the start and only then the preview will work :)

@dorian_cudina thank you for your suggestions/inputs. I am sharing this with the product team for more visibility.