Guide Default CTA actions

Do the engagement guides’ default CTA buttons link to specific actions you can call on via the query parameters? For example, If a user clicks “Skip”, it’s logged as something so I can call on that using query parameter to show them another engagement? I understand this is possible with custom buttons, but I’d rather use the ones provided vs. trying to remove them, and somehow putting my own buttons in their place to log parameters for further triggering. I also tried using the in-app engagement audience rule, but the viewed vs. completed logic doesn’t seem to be verifiable (I can’t seem to see guide completions in audience explorer user full profile, only views), and there is no skipped option. 

Thanks for posting @cjacksonfe ! 

The current “Skip tour” button works just like clicking the close “X” and is not logged in any special way.  We also do not expose the source HTML for these buttons.  This seems like a good suggestion for the Product Ideas section.

@cjacksonfe changing this to idea and redirecting this to the product team.