GS Assist Gmail Plugin - activity date/time matches email metadata instead of date/time of email being logged

Using the GS Assist Gmail Plug-in, when logging an email thread, or a received inbound email from a customer (not when logging from the Compose window), the Activity Date/Time that syncs back to GS Timeline is the date/time the email was logged, not the date/time the email was received. Meaning, that if a customer emailed me on November 10, and I was out of office that day, so I logged it to timeline on November 11 when I was back in office, the activity date/time for the email activity in timeline would show as November 11.


My request is for the date/time on the activity logged in Gainsight match the email metadata of when the email was received.

I think my idea title is misleading -- it should say “Request for GS Assist Gmail Plugin activity date/time to match email metadata instead of date/time of email being logged”

Would like this capability for Outlook plugin as well.  

Voted, Seconded.  Need this for Outlook; when initially moving to gainsight, we get no benefit from the “time” part of the timeline when ingesting pre-gainsight customer interactions

@gainsight_community Can someone from the Gainsight team provide an update on this. The date and time in timeline should match the email metadata not the date it was added to timeline so we can accurately track our customer comms.

@ssamarth to this convo


Thanks for pointing this out.

Will keep this item as part of backlog.