Group by Numeric Fields in Reports

Gainsight doesn't have the ability to add numeric fields to the By section of a report. We have a need to generate reports that group customer information by numeric fields in order to see the number of accounts that have the same number for a given field (e.g. X customers have an overall health score of Y).

Since this capability doesn't exist in Gainsight, we do a lot of our reporting externally after creating tables of the relevant information we're looking to view. It would really help in getting end users more adopted with Gainsight, if they're able to see reports in one spot, in real time, instead of having to consume reports externally that are generated at one point in time. 
Do you have other use cases outside of Health Score as well for this capability?
Yes. We calculate a Renewal Risk Grade score that's on a scale of 1-5 (calculated in a formula field). We are interested in looking at how many customers fall within each grade, but are unable to create this view in Gainsight without being able to add numeric fields in the By section. 
Hi Kaycee,

We had this issue with grouping by day of the month customers signed up. We had to write the number as text into a custom field to be able to group by the number. 

We are interested in this functionality as well.

Here is the community post:
Thanks for the feedback. We're evaluating feasibility. 
Also, NPS Scores in the By Section!

I have been trying to write a “number” into a “string” field to work-around the grouping limitation but don’t know which function to use to accomplish this.  There doesn’t appear to be a number-to-string function.

Any more information on this? We need this as well. Created a custom success plan field to determine Number of Days Since Last Modified, and want to get a visual to group by the custom field but since it is a number cannot do so

@andreammelde this is added to the redesign. This will be available in new Horizon analytics.