Google Calendar Integration on Home

My CSMs are loving the calendar integration, and are finding it a great time saver.   One thing that has been suggested that would help make it even better would be the ability for the CSM to filter out meetings that they don’t want to see there.  For example, recurring internal team meetings.

+@rakesh on this input

Hi @heather_hansen 

This sounds like a great idea. 

However, currently the Calendar widget does not know or understand events / meetings. All events are equal today. Currently, we do not have any plan for us to be able to identify and understand events, filter events, etc. I’ll monitor this thread for usecases / demand as we go ahead.

@rakesh Understood.  Will share with my team.  Thanks for your consideration.

+1 for this. Our team would like to have the ability to filter calendar events that are only outbound with customers.

Bonus if they can filter and choose perhaps via a plugin in calendar invites that pushes only user selected meetings into the integration.