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Good Morning-

For those Gainsight users that are leveraging Gong.io or Chorus, how are you displaying the data in Gainsight? I know that Chorus creates a Completed SFDC Activity, but I'm not sure how to actually display this information in Gainsight. I know that the Rules Engine cannot write directly to Gainsight Timeline, and the only post I've found on Community is this one from two years ago:


stating that Activity Sync is one way (from Gainsight to SFDC).

Has there been any movement on this in the last 2 years?

Is anoyone useing Gong.io or Chorus that's willing to share how they are displaying call recording/disposition data in Gainsight?



Hi James, Thanks for posting!


This is an interesting idea, before redirecting this to our product team, let us see how does other customers need this functionality. Gathering the inputs from other customers for better results!


@All, please hit like or post your comments to know your interest on the functionality.

​​@sai_ram_pulluri PowerSchool Group is interested in how Gainsight can leverage gong.io analytics to enhance our observations of customers for keywords that their are opportunities or risks that we could leverage for use with CTA's. Our CCO is interested if Gainsight as a client of gong.io has business use internally in this sense. Roadmap?

Two way sync is in our near term road-map @nitisha_rathi has more context on it.

@dan_ahrens any thoughts for the above comments?

Hi Joshua,

Where does this data exist today and in what format does it live and what reports are currently available on it? And how would you feel it most useful in Gainsight? On the account's C360 page?

We use gong on our CSM calls and have been ask numerous times to have a way to sync the tasks in the CTA timeline

We use Chorus to record CSM calls as well.  It would be great to intergrate into call activity type with attendees and duration of the call with a link to the Chorus call.   This would simply the end user work flow to only add comments and follow-up tasks. 

We also use Chorus for all of our calls and would love to have this integration as well. After seeing the one in Gong, we definitely want the opportunity to replicate the same functionality, but for Chorus!