Gong Integration - Dynamically Assign Activity Types

I have had a couple conversations with customers now where the topic of being able to dynamically assign activity types has come up. By default all activities created via the integration seem to have the activity type of Call.  Customers often have KPIs wherein their team is expected to log certain type of activities at certain cadences.  The request has come up that it would be nice if we were able to dynamically create the gong.io activities in the timeline with certain meeting or activity types. Not sure how that would work technically but something I think we should explore further.

I have a client interested in this as well. They have different types of calls they track separately for their metrics.  QBR, Kickoff,  and then all others.  Having the ability to tag these separately would be a huge help for them.  

+1 this would be huge for us to be able to differentiate from Business Reviews and General calls.