Gong Integration - anyone should be able to edit timeline entry

We are having issues where a CSM will attend a call from someone else internally, but when the Gong meeting syncs they cannot edit bc the owner is actually a colleague (think sales, support, etc). 


It would be better for a CSM to be able to edit any Gong entry so that they can add their notes from the meeting

We have another use case for this. 


A CSM is working with our internal strategy team or external partners on an account. These strategy team members and external partners have multiple contacts across a couple of accounts. When the Gong meeting syncs, it is showing up on all the accounts the internal/ partners have contacts for even though it is not relevant to that account and clogging up the other accounts timeline.


A CSM should be able to remove this as the system is trying to be “too smart” and instead causing issues.

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YES! Email is not unique in our environment - good to have options for flexibility. At a minimum GS Admins should be able to.

Any update on this @anirbandutta ?