Global filters on the Person Section of the 360.

Currently I am having trouble filtering contacts who may no longer be active Contacts have switched companies or are just not relevant to Gainsight.

Some accounts have over 100 Contacts so we need a way to create global filters on the Person section like we can with a report that shows up in the 360.

Either based on certain roles or other criteria we could manage.

same situation for us too - having the ability to use preset filter - Active/Inactive etc would be superhelpful!

Hi Eric, Thanks for bringing this up! we have added this to our road-map, I will update here once we consider for release.

Thanks for posting!

We've come across the same issue. It may be desirable to maintain the company person record to retain historic data associated with their record but we need to have the ability to define default filters (such as status) that will remove defunct contacts from a CSMs view in the C360

+1 for this also :)

+1 for this as well!


Thank you all for the feedback

We are currently working on improving the listing view for Contacts and will be working making the UI more intuitive to identify Inactive contacts. There would also be OOTB filters set that would help you to hide in the inactive contacts from the C360 view.

Will keep you posted on the release dates as soon as it is fixed

Thank you


I need this functionality as well, and I would need this on both R360 and C360. For our use case, we use R360 primarily. I think the main thing is a global filter to show/hide Inactive users. Other global filters would be nice of course, but this one seems like an obvious one that will help everyone. Please keep me posted on when this might be available. My CSMs will be anxiously awaiting it. 


Thank you!

@dave_gordon_neo4j sure thing, will keep you posted. currently the timelines are not fixed yet. 

Hello All,

We’re listening to you always and are revamping the Person list view on C360 section and in the new view, we have an explicit Active/Inactive filter to help you filter the records. It is under development and can be expected soon.




+1 to this, much needed! 

@obarrette you’ll have it soon.

@Shilpa Gumnur - Has this been released? 

My CSMs have long lists of contacts in the Person section of C360. We don’t want to delete them so that we can reference if needed but the option to hide irrelevant contacts would improve workflow. A global filter for an admin to filter the Person section based on a specific attribute would solve this. 

@adil.malik This hasn’t been released yet but you can expect it soon. It’ll allow the end user to filter the list explicitly between active and inactive records.

@Shilpa Gumnur - any update on when we can expect this? Thanks!

@kylebdawson this is available in the new 360 that is currently in beta and will be made GA soon.