Global Filter with filtering by Name

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Hey Guys

Wondering if someone has an answer for this.

1) I want people to use multi filter on certain Account Owners. Currently the only way I can Global filter this is if I add "Account Owner != and check the exclude null check box". This works to bring in all Account Owners (Removing any that are null - not sure i like this) but also we cannot filter for more than one in this case.

1) We also have a CSM Manager field some of our execs want to use the Global Filter on. However when I use the same concept above the accounts that currently have a null against the CSM Manager field get removed.

Is there something I may be missing or this is a GS thing and needs to be moved to an idea?



Just so that i understand, you want the ability to add a global filter that can take more than one input value(in this case CSM names) right?


Hi Sumesh

Yes correct for question 1.

For question 2. Its more about the null values. My GS AM did mention a workaround on question 2 which was to create a CSM Manager != Test (Test or anything you type that doesnt refer to a persons name) this will bring back the CSM Managers with nulls. So that work but would like a better workflow on this in the future to be able to select all to then add this to the global filter.

Hope that makes sense