Global Filter reset flows

When I make a change to a report that has been added to Dashboard Builder, i have to clear the previous settings in order to see the changes. This means I must inform every user to reset their filters in order to see the changes.

Is there a 'Master Restore/Clear Settings' button or a way to clear settings/filters in mass for all reports added to the Dashboard Builder section?


I like this idea. I can however anticipate many emails from users wondering what happened to their custom filters for this that and the other thing - even if resetting their filters were ultimately good for them so I have some add-on suggestions for this request:


  1. When filters are reset send a notification to the users, or at least allow admins to toggle a notification on/off when this happens.
  2. Ability to reset filters on a per dashboard basis, but also a master “reset all filters on all dashboards” big red button (I am flexible on the color).
  3. This a stretch goal but if there could be a “publish changes” that only resets the impacted filters you changed that would be great. This way, other custom filter sets wouldn’t be impacted so users don’t have to go back to tweaking all their reports if they had other views set up. This would be in addition to the master reset.

Hi @bradleymcg 

We have some great ideas here. I am creating this as a separate idea since we are almost done with the ideas/problems in the previous post. Will consider this one as per the feedback from other customers (likes).

@rakesh Good call, thank you!