Give admins the ability to edit/delete/pass rights to others for all dashboards

I believe the admins should have the ultimate right to edit or delete anybodies dashboard, take the ownership of it, pass the rights to edit to other person and share it with anybody they want.


Real world example:

We have ~200 users of the PX and approximately 98% of them aren’t that familiar with the PX interface nor are they familiar with the events that we are implementing. That’s why whenever they need a custom dashboard they are coming to the 2%-lucky-person (let’s call him Luke) and ask him to create the dashboard for them.

Since this Lucky Luke can’t transfer the ownership afterwards to the requester, Luke has to forever look at all of these dashboards as his own which disables him from looking at this own dashboards that are important for his work.

Passing the ownership to the requester would solve this issue once and for all.

However, many times other users who have their dashboards need a bit of help of tweeking some widgets so it would be extremely handy if admins could easily go into every dashboard and change/update them according to the recent rules/implementations.

Hi Boris, thanks for submitting the idea. 

I believe we mostly meet this need with our most recent October release:


Could you take a look and let us know if this meets the use case?

@bostojic I am going through the unanswered posts and found this, is your query answered or do you need any help here? Please let us know if you need any help here.

@sai_ram This partially solves our problem because with it I can transfer only all user's setups (dashboards, filters, reports) and not chose only a certain thing I want to change.

In my opinion, it would be much better if admins would have the rights to change (edit, hide, share and/or delete) everything that’s on the PX, no matter from which user it is.

I would have the full administrator privileges with I would:

  • hide (set to private) 99% of dashboards - because people are not aware that newly created (or cloned) dashboards are automatically set to public (it should be set to private by default IMHO)
  • edit people’s dashboards with the appropriate filters. Currently, I have to clone their dashboard and have it under my name to be able to tweak something, and then share it with them. It only clutters my view and takes much longer than it should
  • edit/update saved filters with new/correct settings
  • etc