Gainsight Usage Report (Internal rep usage of Gainsight)

I get an excel file emailed to me every 2 weeks with our internal Gainsight users and their page clicks into Gainsight objects by day.  Currently, this excel sheet is very hard to read as we have about 300 internal users.  I take the excel file and sum the count of page views under the rep name.  I then transpose the data on another sheet so I can sort by Rep and Count of Views to find my highest and lowest users.  I think companies might get more use out of these bi-weekly check ins if there was a summary of page or table.  
Hi Ellen - what I do is send a weekly report from Gainsight on the number of open "risk" CTAs. That's what I care about the most. If they aren't working those, they aren't using Gainsight effectively. The other stuff is not as important.

I agree though that I would like this stuff in a better format.
OMG I love this lol...

I went through this 8 months ago when we asked for this data and now we get a weekly usage data from GS.

This is not transposable in excel automatically unless you hack up a huge code and macro it. Or do what you do which would make me jump out the window! As what you really want is to also see a trend of the usage for those people and bucket page views and exclude the ones you don't care for.

So my suggestion to make this work..

1) Ask for not just a weeks worth of data but from launch worth of data (or date you want to start tracking). They can do this

2) We were lucky enough to have Tableau. In tableau you can transpose beautifully. Select the names of the user and then select 'add data to pivot'. It will not only transpose the data but do it by date and page views too so you can then report on users clicking on what pages (for pages I created groups - and excluded admin click pages as who cares what we do 😉 ) 

3) Once you do this create you dashboard and whenever you get the next weeks file just add data source transpose in tableau and replace data source and your done.

4) Final product 😃 -

Hi Ellen,

We are considering alternatives for delivering these Usage Reports, as we've heard from customers that the current format is hard to read and gather insight from.

One consideration is graphical reports that could be sent from Copilot. These reports would be delivered as in-line.jpg images within an email. I'd be very interested in hearing from everyone what 3 or 4 graphical reports they may find most insightful. Overall page views over the last 2 months? Pie chart showing distribution of feature usage? Top users? etc etc. Very interested in your input and ideas. Keep in mind that since these reports are delivered as images, they are not "clickable" like a report in Report Builder 2.0 or a Dashboard.

Thanks everyone!


Gainsight's Gainsight Admin 🙂
Lol I was about to suggest that to our GS AM on our evening call today ;)

Ive seen those emails for something for us to use for our company too but yeah you hit it spot on.

- Top Users - on certain page views and excluding admin clicks as we of course be the top users

- yes which features are used the most great insight.

- Most importantly users who have a GS license and have never logged or no activity in the app. 

100% agree Ellen. What I really want from these weekly reports is a sum total and a stack rank of our strongest users. Just adding a default sum column and reversing the rows and columns would save us a lot of time and make the report turnkey for us. 

Graphical reports would be fine, but my concern would be losing visibility to data for ALL users. You can only effectively see the top top 10-15 in a graphical report at best. The excel lets us see what each and every user is doing, and that is something I would definitely not want to lose.
Thanks for input Naquiyah and Josh. I'm in the process of figuring out what graphical reports would be most insightful and your feedback is very helpful. Hopefully you'll start seeing graphical reports coming from us within the next several weeks!
I'm wondering why it has to be something "sent" at all? Seems like there should just be a dashboard with a couple different views and graphs that provide insight into the usage. Then the admin, managers, etc. could simply go to that dashboard(s) and get the info whenever they need it. Would definitely love to see that information focused on true activity; e.g. number of CTA's that were closed/had status changes in a given period, number of health scores updated, etc.
Yay great Will! Looking forward to it!

Also to add to the list would be -

- Most active by different 'actionable' metrics as in not just page views clicks but activity in terms of most closed CTAs, snapshots exported and so on

Hi Naquiyah there is a built in Leaderboard for Closed/Open CTAs in Cockpit -> Operational Reporting.  I've attached a screenshot.  I'll have to look into getting information about most snapshots exported.

Unfortunately, we don't yet have a scalable way to report & send the number of CTAs opened/closed for each customer. However, that data can be tracked internally within your own instance.

For the near term, we are limited to page view metrics.
oohh fancy like it!

How can I sort from highest to lowest and so on? clicking around and dont see an option to sort

You're right there isn't a way to filter in the Leaderboard currently.  The other thing you can do (if you wanted to send out reports via Copilot to internal users/execs) is create a report on the Call to Action object.  You can put the Call to Action:: Id in the show field with count aggregation and in the By you can put the user lookup field who owns the CTAs (usually CustomerInfo::CSM).  

You could then add a date filter as well as a status filter.  Date >= last 30 days and Call to Action:: Status = Closed

Let me know if this helps.
hmm.. I do see your point on the workaround.

Feel like it would be nice in an overall general actionable insights for admins who are implementing GS in their org to check on actionable metrics on usage to praise those using and finding those not using to help understand why not. Especially as we are in our early-mid stage of people starting to use GS.

But yes for the interim the report idea sounds viable.

But yes to Wills point prob something thats not going to happen anytime soon but on the roadmap hopefully. - Thanks!

Now this is where an @ Dave Derington function would be great 😉.. to let him know for admins implementing GS within their org the actionable insights will help admins understand the nuances and have directional impact on increasing GS usage for companies whose especially newly adapting to it to increase adoption.

I just replied to my weekly graphical usage report from Gainsight, pointing out that I don't want my own usage -- as a Gainsight Admin, not a CSM -- to be skewing the metrics. Would love to be able to have access to my Gainsight usage data in Reports 2.0, for example. Our CSM director wants to know who's logging in, since we're just rolling out Gainsight.
Is allowing us to create these reports on our own on the roadmap? This has come up amongst our executive team this week. We would like to be able to see who is actively using Gainsight overtime to better manage our licenses.
Seconding this. I assume we're not the only CS-Ops Team that wants to keep close-tabs on whether the CSM's are using Gainsight WoW
Seems even in SFDC there is an issue reporting on licenses. I assume this affects Gainsight's abilities as well. Having adoption metrics on users is great but I'm using a macro in Access to transpose the data and match up with other pertinent user information. Will love to have this in a dashboard one day.
We'd appreciate the flexibility to build our own usage reports as well!  Any updates on this?
This has been asked within our org as well.  
I agree! Any updates on this?
We would also love to see this added within GS reporting!
Speaking with another company today that needs on-demand access for their management of Gainsight usage by their team.  Any update on plans to make Gainsight usage accessible to customers?  Thank you!
To echo the discussion here, esp. "users who have a GS license and have never logged or no activity in the app. " brought by Naquiyah. 

I'm more interested in understanding who's logining in and how often (or rather how infrequently). From support, I understand the page view details are difficult since it's pulled from google analytics. 

If not for weekly/monthly report, given it's not feasible right now, will Support be able to help with a one-time pull, so at least I can run user audits? Thanks. 
Hi Annie,

We would be happy to send you an export of your users page views. Since the login happens through SFDC and not Gainsight, we can't track distinct log-ins, but page views serve as a decent proxy for activity on any given day. 

Please submit a ticket and ask for Will (me) to help you out. I will gladly pull it for you.


It was on the recent roadmap presentation that the customer-facing version of CS360 (Gainsight to GS Customer) was near term I think...within next quarter?  Maybe Karl will see this and comment. 🙂