Gainsight / Mixpanel connector limitation - Linking to Multiple Mixpanel Projects

We have several products, each tracked in a separate Mixpanel Project within our single Mixpanel Account. However, the Mixpanel -> Gainsight connector only allows a single project to be mapped, so we cannot use the data from the other projects (products) in our reports, rules etc, limiting the c360's effectiveness.. We'd love it if the connector supported multiple Mixpanel projects.
Adam- Good news is that around mid of October, we are releasing new connector on Mixpanel, which has support for multiple Mixpanel connections. I can schedule a demo from a test org next week, if you would like to take a look at it.
Ashok. That is fantastic! & We would absolutely love to see that demoed! 🙂
Taking this conversation offline to work with you on the schedule to demo.