Gainsight Home - Relationship Filters (Global)

I’ll start by saying I don’t know if there is a better way to handle this or what that might be, but that the current experience is a bit awkward and could potentially be prohibitive of us deploying Home or at least getting the most out of it.


For background, we recently deployed relationships, meaning that if it’s possible we will want to show both Company AND Relationship data on GS Home.


The way the global filters work is you have to pre-select company or relationship and then configure your reports/widgets et al to be keyed to those filters.


Today, there isn’t really a way to visually see which global filters are company filters and which are relationship filters, and no way to easily have one set of filters work on Company, and one on Relationships. Depending on what you are trying to do, this makes ensuring company and relationship data are filtered appropriately rather complex.

For end users, this seems like it would be impossible to manage. You don’t know what objects on Home the global filters act on, your filters may act one way on company data and another on relationship data but you would have a hard time understanding let alone manipulating that if you wanted to change something. 

This is extra complicated by the fact you can’t alias filter names at all yet to provide any help to your end users.


I guess this is more of a discussion starter than a solid ask, but GS Home seems set up to work with Company OR relationship data and it isn’t clear how well it can work with both.

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