Gainsight Home Page - Reports created from Data Designers are of no use when applying filters

Hello Team,


I see that the Reports created from Data Designers are of no use in Gainsight Home Page. First of all the Data Designers don’t have the ability to have lookups to other objects. Due to this the reports created from Data Designers aren’t obeying the filters which are being used in Gainsight Homepage. This limitation is significantly reducing the usage of Gainsight Home Page. I understand that there is a workaround available, which is creating an Object instead of a Data Designer. But, the lookup limitations of Data Designer is the root cause for not using the DDs as widely as the rules. Also, I don’t think this limitation is mentioned in Gainsight Homepage FAQs.

Hello @kumaranbcak, thank you for posting on Community and apologies for the issue you’re facing. Passing this post to our Product Manager to be looked into and get back to you at the earliest.

Hi @kumaranbcak 

You are absolutely right that currently reports on Data Designer cannot be filtered on Company attributes. This is because of 2 factors coming in

  • Lack of ability to lookup to Company from Data Designer objects. This is a heavy technical lift and is an experiment we plan to run in 2nd half of next year. I know that this capability will help in other asks as well and can reduce the amount of designs our customers build. 
  • Filters on Gainsight Home working like filters on other applications like Cockpit, Timeline, etc. We designed these filters to be easy to jumpstart and to be worked with by anyone and hence they lack both complexity and power of Global Filters in dashboard. 

I believe that 1st path is a better path to address this challenge. Any thoughts on this?

Hi @rakesh


Thanks a lot for your response. It is this commitment I love from Gainsight. Always listening to the admins suggestions. Once again thank you for looking into it. 


Yeah, I agree with you. The first path is a permanent long term solution. I agree with you that this is a heavy lift. All the Gainsight admins would be happy if you can implement this change as soon as possible. For now I am happy to know that this is in your pipe line. 



This is an issue for athenahealth as well.  Support created a duplicate Community post based on this ticket: 188388

Is there any update on this? We are trying to leverage Gainsight Home and just ran into this issue. Why do global filters work differently on Home than on Dashboards? I would imagine these would work the same so that the experience is consistent...


Requesting an update on this please. We have some important reports built out of data designer and they have become too crowded for CSMs to use without the filters.