Gainsight Home - More Flexibility on Summary Ribbon Placement

This would hopefully be an easy fix, but what may come as a surprise to some is that the Summary Ribbon may not always be the first thing someone wants on their GS Home Page.

For example, we have some “help text” on our dashboards (e.g., brief explanation of what you’re looking at, links to enablement and support docs, etc.) via text widgets. We would do something similar on our GS Home layout and would want that at the very top. Unfortunately, if the Summary Ribbon is enabled that can ONLY sit at the top of the page - this doesn’t make sense from a workflow perspective. 

For new/first time users, having that context and links to other info at the top makes sense, and then have metrics, attributes, highlights, etc and the ensuing reports flow after that. Having summary KPIs, then a text block, and then the rest just doesn’t make sense ALL of the time.

So having more placement flexibility would be great. It also has the benefit of giving us an experience more consistent with Dashboards, which users are already used to.

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