Gainsight Home - Allow End Users to Change Operators on Global Filters

Shame edit: You can edit operators, you just don’t have the same option to do so in GS Home as you do in Dashboards which clearly bamboozled at least one person 🙄





For simple modifications though it would be nice to do this ‘in-line’ and more consistent with Dashboards so every similar function isn’t subtly different everywhere you look.


I’m normally on team “end-user guardrails” but in this case I’m not sure I see why the bumpers are on.

In Gainsight home, once a global filter has been made, that operator is locked in. Cannot be changed by the end user.

A simple illustration of the issue is including a Renewal Date filter so CSMs can focus on actions related to upcoming renewals. What if you set it to ‘=’ but they want to look at <, <=, < etc? The “Next N time_unit” doesn’t always solve the problem. Aside from that, end-users are used to being able to change operators in Dashboards.

adding @rakesh on this thread

@rakesh as foretold a year ago, now that we are rolling out home we are running into this problem. Is there a reason it’s not consistent with Dashboard filters for end-users? If they’re not trying to change the advanced logic, they should be able to change the operators like they’re used to.