Gainsight "flat" view vs Account Hierarchy structure

In Gainsight, all the accounts come in at the same level; with no ability (currently) to view things through the lens of the Saleforce hierarchy for the accounts. This creates issues for our CS team that works with our larger, more complex accounts. For example, when they view their Health Score dashboard, they just see one long list of accounts that are all flat. The reality is that they may have a handful of actual accounts with multiple sub-categories and brands within those accounts; and ideally that would be reflected in Gainsight (health score views, cockpit/CTA views, etc.)

We have developed some workarounds, including having a field with the full account hierarchy "tree" available for filtering; but I'm curious if anybody else is struggling with this and if so... any clever ideas on making this work within GS.
This has been a problem for us as well!  Would be nice to have a parent account rollup score.
This sounds like something you could solve for with the relationships feature they released, have you checked that out yet? 
From what I have learned of the relationships feature, it seems to be geared towards the idea of taking a single SF account and allowing it to be split into multiple relationships - for example splitting a single SF account into 2 product line relationships that are managed separately. Our issue is having multiple Salesforce accounts that all exist in a multi-layer hierarchy, but in Gainsight come in as unrelated flat GS accounts. We can look deeper into that functionality and see if it can help, though.
We are facing this issue as well.  For our more complex accounts, they may have 3 or 4 customer ID's (based on the products that were purchased, when they were purchased, etc). So, when we go to look at the customer account in C360, we are only getting segmented would be really nice to see all of the customer ID's roll up into 1 'parent' account. 

This would be a HUGE win if we could get this functionality in Gainsight.

Similarly, our team is looking to be able to:

    Select parent account
      All data for all sub-accounts (cases etc) shown under the parent account Overall health score
    Ability to filter by sub-account from a pick list/drop down (select 1 or more sub-accounts)
      Sub-accounts health score

I am kicking this over into an Idea because it will be classified as a feature enhancement. Moving over into idea should get eyes from the team into any potential solutions. 
Hello Everyone,

We require this capability and I've outlined a "high level" scenario that I think brings further light to this need. Our requirements are centered on the following criteria:

  1. Global Account 
  2. Operating Geo(s) - AMER, EMEA & APAC
  3. Individual Acct ID's - ABC Corp 1, ABC Corp 2, ABC Corp 3...ABC Corp ##
Thus, while it appears the Relationships model was predicated upon a Top > Down approach aligning to a varying set of criteria such as Product Type, Initiative, Objective, etc. it doesn't support the model that we're required to track.


With that being said, we would request that the model included act as a potential baseline to follow relational to setting up a Hierarchical Relationship. Furthermore, we think it's important that the Hierarchy not stop @ Relationship Layer III. Once we've established a Hierarchy that will allow us to manage our Global Account model, we would then like the ability to perform a similar model to what exists today.

Thank you in advance for your considered support in bringing this "idea" to reality. Take care.

Gainsight started supporting this feature as  "Account hierarchy". Here are the details.