Gainsight Dashboards: Need ability to add multiple entries in the same free-text Filter (similar to how SFDC reporting works)

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In Salesforce reporting, if I want to filter on a field that is not a "picklist," I am able to enter multiple options in the same Filter sequence, i.e.

"SuperRegion" is equal to "NA, EMEA, LATAM, APAC"

In Gainsight I have to enter separate filters, i.e.

"SuperRegion" is equal to "NA"


"SuperRegion" is equal to "EMEA"


"SuperRegion" is equal to "LATAM"


"SuperRegion" is equal to "APAC"

This adds complexity to the building of reports.  The filter should have the logic to be able to identify that if I have a comma separated list to treat them as separate entries, that way if I want to filter, for example on any account that falls under the SuperRegion NA or LATAM I can just enter:

"SuperRegion" is equal to "NA, LATAM"

This would also give users the flexibility, when accessing the filter from the Dashboard, to be able to add multiple entries or a single entry in the field upon which to sort.  
This is critical for us as well.  The area where we're feeling the most pain on this is pulling manager and director dashboards where we need to filter by individual reps and when Directors oversee 50 reps, I can't pull the data for them at all.  I can barely do it for managers where some are overseeing 15 reps.

I have been given workarounds of writing a formula for the hierarchy of the user object but that won't work since SF is not our system of record that information.
This is almost identical to the pain I am experiencing as well. 
Incidentally - this should apply to Rules Engine as well.
Thanks for the feedback. While currently we don't have a commit date for this functionality, we will scope this request and will reply on this thread once we have an update. 
This is applicable for every criteria field in Gainsight, not just reports.

This is causing me great pain when working in the Rules Engine as well - especially when it comes to setting up Actions. Due to this discrepancy with Salesforce logic, I need to create 5 actions to monitor the same thing - If I were able to have commas in the criteria field, I would only have to create 1 action.

For example, I want to monitor customers with the Customer Lifetime in Weeks at weeks, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. This is to keep an eye on customers in the early days. Unfortunately I need to create 6 actions to monitor this. It's a huge time waster to maintain these types of rules.
Hi everyone - is there any update on when this functionality might be available?
For reporting, for picklist values we offer the 'includes' operator, which looks like (see below). Would the solution to provide a similar experience for free-text fields (where we'd have a drop down of unique values work). We'd probably need to have some limit on number of unique values. The benefit to do this, is you don't need to know the exact values since you see it in the list. If this isn't feasible (will need to check with engineering) we'll add some UI to provide a comma operator or something in the value. 

Hi Gaurav, this would not solve my issue and would still mean i need to create a bunch of filters when i want to add multiple selections in free text (i.e. AND email DOES NOT CONTAIN,,@etc.) - This free text option with CSV values is standard in Salesforce so not sure why it wouldn't be applicable in Gainsight's reports 2.0 engine.
Gabriel my suggestion was that even for free text options, we'd list all the distinct values in a list box. I agree we can just do comma-delimited values as well. 
In the example i give, think of all the values I would need to pick if trying to exclude email. If an account has over 10,000 email addresses with a common domain, I don't want to be selecting 10,000 distinct values.
I agree with Gabriel.  I think if the field is a picklist the pre-defined includes list would work.  But for free-text, you really need comma-separated functionality.
This would be immensely helpful for us as well, especially in CoPilot. I have had to make some PowerLists where I hit the max number of criteria possible due to the missing feature. If it were around, I would have only had 5 criteria. I am specifically talking about free-text comma-separated functionality.

Any indication of product roadmap inclusion?
What Ben said....
This would be very helpful for us as well. 
This says planned...any info on when?
This will be a great feature to be added. I hope this will be available soon. 
+ 1 for this idea.

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Our CS team has grown rapidly over the last few months. While building out certain reports, I need to add all our CSMs to pull out relevant data. SFDC allows comma to act as the "or" operator which makes adding in names easier as compared to Gainsight where each name has to be put in a new filter. Are there any plans to get similar functionality in GS anytime soon? Might be a small thing but can definitely make the platform more Admin friendly 
+1 this would make reporting and rule criteria so much easier 
I'm excited for this feature. I have worked with a few different customer who have requested this. It would be excellent to have this work on dashboard global filters as well.

Whoa! Am I reading this right? "Planned"!?!? That is great news.

Excited for this as well! Just had to build out a report and add the same filter 6 times to accommodate multiple entries.

This would be great for us. Will it ever be put on the road map?

This item is already part of the Roadmap, targeted to be shipped in first quarter, next year!!