Gainsight Assist - cc'ing emails to multiple accounts w/i Gainsight

Use Case:  I handle communications with 1. our resellers 2. customers who have multiple accounts for various reasons, and the email thread that may involve more than one client account so that communication needs to be logged on multiple account timelines. 


Currently, in Gainsight Assist if the client account is not evident I either 1. receive a drop down to select the right account, or 2. the timeline activity goes to draft.  In scenario #1 I’d like to option to have a multi-pick list and select all applicable accounts and have that timeline activity appear on all selected accounts.  In scenario #2 I’d like to be able to populate/select multiple accounts as well. 


An alternate option would be to be able to open a timeline activity on account “A”, and copy (and/or move) it to an alternate account.

Hi @candacemarie_mitcham , this is something that we are thinking about. 

@chethana do you have any thoughts on this you’d like to share?

Hello @candacemarie_mitcham 

We will be soon providing a solution which will allow users to log emails to multiple accounts. This may not be available before Q4 as this requires considerable amount of changes in the product.
We will get back to you about the alternative solution mentioned above.

@chethana @dan_ahrens Did you guys ever roll this out or is there any update on the outlook to implement it? I got this request recently and it’s a reasonable ask when our CS team arranges for round-table activities across multiple accounts.

Hello Everyone,
We have this in our near term roadmap, tentative timeline is early Q2 2022.