Gainsight Assist: Add timeline fields to dialog where you associate company and relationship

Gainsight Assist for gmail is fantastic.  One problem I run into though is not every email I log should be of type email (or whatever type it is set to).  There may be times where I am logging an email for meeting minutes, or as a follow up to a phone call.  And I want the timeline entry to reflect that it was an interaction and not just an email.  And since the type can’t be changed, there is no way for me to go back into Gainsight and update the type.  Additionally there are other fields like sentiment that would be nice to set within Gainsight Assist.  Otherwise I either have to remember to go back into Gainsight to set those fields, or more likely they never get set.

Hello @rob_culross 

Thanks for your posting. As discussed in our previous meeting this is there in our roadmap. I will keep you posted when we plan this.

@chethana One of my customers brought this up today, saying that it would be incredible if when using Gmail Assist (they will use Outlook when it comes out)  if users could log as another Activity Type and/or select from custom fields to further define and report on the Activity, like “Renewal” or “Risk” or “Onboarding” based on the fields they have created, and even indicate a Status, if applicable.

Any updates you can share on this for them? Thanks!  

Agreed with the above categorization ideas! 

+1 on this capability - Outlook Assist as well @rajyalakshmi_vele !


There’s an idea for this. Please come help vote it up. 



Hello All,

We have this in our roadmap. Soon will be available. I am sharing our idea of how we are visualising this. The plugin space shown on the right side of the mock will be made available for Gmail as well.
Please do provide your feedback.


That is pretty much how I envisioned it in my mind.  Quick, simple, and clean. :thumbsup:

Later we (admins) will start asking for configurability where we can include additional timeline layout fields and dropdowns via the Administration Page “Show in Gmail/Outlook Assist Layout”… But this is a great start.

Adding my vote to this idea as the vote button isn’t appearing. It would be wonderful if the Outlook plug-in could display any activity type. At a minimum it would be great if the default Outlook Assist plug-in view would offer the option to complete the fields associated with the Email Activity type in the TImeline view.

@vmoore acknowledged your request and redirecting to our product team.

Hello @vmoore 
The above mocks shared is for chrome plugin, we have similar capability for outlook as well.