Gainsight Analyzer - Split rule chain rules out individually on Schedule tab

Gainsight Analyzer is becoming a wealth of information! And it's going a long way in helping me with my goal of documenting our environment.

I see the Schedule tab is being just shy of perfect.

First off, when you click on a Rule Name that is in fact a Rule Chain, you get a popup that says it cannot retrieve the rule details:

Personally, I would rather see the Rules schedule have all individual rules split out, and with an additional column for Rule Chain name (as well as Description and Action Type), instead of listing a rule chain as its own line item. That would solve the above problem.

Also, the way it is today having the Rule Chain itself listed as a rule, the Source and Target columns get really full (since it's pulling from ALL rules in the chain, instead of just a single rule). Having each rule as a separate line item would help the admin know more information about each individual rule, including whether or not it's part of a rule chain. Something like this:

Any chance of this happening before September 1 to help me meet a goal? :)

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for reaching out..

#1. Unable to navigate on click of a Rule Chain is a BUG, you should get a fix in the NEXT Release / Patch whichever is earlier ( 1 to 3 weeks from now)..

#2. The Intent of the Screen is to list the Schedules of every rule/rule chain so that the Admin can understand the way the schedules have been built in the system.

#3. If we split a rule chain into indvidual rules, we cannot arrive into "Scheduled Time" for each rule, they are more so approx values, as we only know Rule 1 will start at the scheduled time of the Rule Chain, rest all are not.

Let me know if we are missing something..

We will brainstorm and see what else can be done.. One option is we can extend your requirement here to include Descriptoin, Rule Chain Name and Scheduled Time..

If required, please do let us know if we can connect with you sometime next week to understand this better.

Thanks again for your identifying the bug and the kind suggestions..



Thanks @anil_v_k_babu. From an administrative perspective, I don't think it's necessary to have the EXACT rule run time for each rule in a chain. Just list out the Rule Name, what Rule Chain it's associated with, and use the Rule Chain schedule time for all the rules in that chain.

I think it's more important to be able to view all rules in the list vs. being exact on the Scheduled Time. If i have a Rule Chain that is scheduled to run at 9AM and it has 5 rules in it, I consider all 5 of those rules being scheduled at 9AM.

Yes would be happy to connect.

Basically looking for an exportable list of all rules with the details that currently show on Schedule, plus the additional details I mentioned above.

The Schedule tab almost gives me that.

Thansk Jeff.

We will huddle around and see what best can be done and will set up a call with you sometime mid-next week.



@anil_v_k_babu Just following up here - were we going to have a call?

Hi Jeff, sorry for the delay in response..

The "Schedule" tab in the Rules Analyzer has been introduced (though not 100% showing the results yet) to guide the CSMs on:

1. What their current order of schedule is

2. How this has to be actually configured to perform better (after reviewing the execution logs, wait times on each other and other ingest jobs that get the data).

In this regrad we have introduced "Schedules Analyzer" and subsequent effort will be driven towards adding some scan points in the Schedules Analyzer and then complete this Schedule Tab. This is availalbe now in Production:

And for your requirement, we have enhanced the columns listing in the "Configuraiton Home"

Config Home Landing Page

Rules Listing with Rule Chain/Schedule Details

Export of the Rules List includes Action and Task Details

Please do review and let us know if this helps you organize data as expected.

Happy to have a call/hear from you anytime :)



Hi Anil - thanks for the information. It's *almost* there. Can we add the Source and Target columns too? Looking to have all this information accessible in a single view. Thanks!

Hi Jeff,

The only reason why we have avoided this is, we weren't sure how it would look like / be able to map:

1. If there are more than one source/target, and

2. How would we represent a source in a merge/transform task



I don't think merges are necessary. Just knowing what are the source / target objects being used. You're already doing this on the Schedule:

Make it just like that.

Bonus points to be able to word wrap the columns.

I just noticed this now shows the Source and Target fields! Thank you so much!!