Formulas in REports 2.0

I need to build some formula fields in a report like we do for salesforce but unable to find this function in report 2.0.  Do i have to used a custom field on the object to do this?  Basically working on replacing some excel pivot table reports and want to expose them in Gainsight Dashboards for exectutives.
Hi Kiersti, 

Right now Gainsight does not offer the ability to build formula fields on the fly into Reports 2.0. You would have to build this into the object directly. I am going to convert this into an idea so that our product team has visibility into this request and can further comment. 
This would be valuable for us as well.
Thanks for the feedback everyone! We are thinking through the process of creating basic calculated metrics within report builder. Stay tuned for further updates.

I find that report 2.0 should have all these features. The current feature is so limited that you are forced to run reports from SF which i am afraid will limit the use in Gainsight.
wanted to see if we are any closer to getting this into gainsight product as each day we come up against this and constantly getting asked why we cannot do it within Gainsight and we have to do SFDC or excel exports to get the calculations needed from the formula field
Checking to see if there is any type of an update here on this as our executive board uses Gainsight and wants their data in there but due to no formulas at the report level I am forced to use SFDC. 
Hi Kiersti,

Team has started investigating this requirement. I shall give you an ETA by mid march. In the meantime, can you provide me the list of your top use cases with formula's in reports?

Hi Summesh,

I'll chime in with a couple of use cases for us. 

  • We have fields on renewal opps that reflect the amount up for renewal and the amount actually renewed and we'd like to display total % renewed by CSM. Currently we can put the 2 bars next to each other, but sum(actual renewed) / sum (up) would jive more with our company metrics
  • Perhaps a bit trickier, but the ideal outcome (which would replace the need for the above) would be ability to do a ratio of a sub-set of rows vs. all... say, for instance SUM(MRR where Status IN ('Green', 'Yellow')) / SUM(MRR)... then we could do similar things to the first request without the need for another field.

Just curious if there are any updates on the timing for this?
Chiming in to see if Gainsight will be rolling out this function soon as this would be quite useful in preparing year end reports.
Hi everyone, Wanted to provide a quick update here

1) As of today we cannot create a 'dynamic' formula at the report-level. By this i mean something that is calculated on the fly vs. persisted. This requires some significant changes to our backend in terms of the querying which we are doing over Spring and Summer. The first dynamic formula field will be focused on goals, then we will look to provide more generic formula fields. 

2) In the meantime, for SFDC you can create formula fields, and use rules engine to populate them.

3) Over the last couple of quarters we have released and provided enhancement to similar formulae fields in MDA. 
+1 here. I wanted to whip up a quick report: for Contacts with different statuses, do they have their external ID field populated?

So, I just need a simple count of Contacts, grouped by two fields:

- Status

- Is external ID null?

For the purposes of a simple report, I'm not going to make a custom field on Contacts to do the 'is null' calculation. Instead, I have to generate the giant list of Contacts, export them (and then wait for it to arrive via email), and use Excel to Pivot 'em.

I'm surprised we're unable to create formulas in reporting; This should be a basic function, as it is in most other tools. 

Because of the effort it takes to populate a formulated field, it doesn't make sense for half of our reports to be inside of Gainsight at this point. We're moving quickly and don't have time to spend an hour, give or take, in Gainsight when we can spend < 5 minutes in our analytics tool and have what we need. 
Formula fields is also something my team requires as we use them often in our salesforce dashboards/reporting.  Because this continues to be a limitation we are unable to transfer all of our dashboards into Gainsight. Are there any product updates coming out that are related to this ask?
Yup this would be nice. I am trying to calculate survey response rate for all NPS surveys, which span multiple AOs. I can put together a report that pulls the numerator and the denominator (thanks Abhishek), but it would be nice if it could do the simple division for me!
I have also done a Me Too for this Ben! 🙂
Hi Everybody, we are actively working on the formula fields specs as I speak. This item is part of the top priority list to take up in the second half of this year. Will update exact ETA once we take it up for Development.


This is huge for our team. Thank you so much for the update. 
Any update on this?

This item is with Engineering Team, in Development. Current plan is to ship this feature by early next year.

+1 to this request! Definitely would help save time and isn't as involved as building it right into an object.

+1, this is critical to our team.

Do we have any updates on an ETA for this feature? I know at the Admin Summit it was said that this was on the near term roadmap. I'm trying to see if I'm waiting a matter or weeks or a matter of months as I've been given a project that this would be the perfect solution for.

Jeremy, This feature is expected to be available around April. It is currently in development.

Hi Bhavani, is this still on the short-term roadmap?