Formula fields in HA Salesforce based

Will we ever be able to create formula fields in HA reports that are built from Salesforce objects as the source?


@andutta May we get eyes on this please? Thx!


@darkknight  - unfortunately until salesforce allows us to query the formula fields real time when we fetch the data, there isnt much we can do from report builder, the only work around is with Data Designer. 

Documentation from Salesforce regarding the matter.



@Azad I am not sure I follow.  Is it not possible query the data first and then apply a formula to the queried data before displaying it?

Bumping this up because I’m running into an issue with this. Some of our team logs into Gainsight NXT via the Salesforce application, and others log in directly to Gainsight’s web app. I am trying to encourage folks to move out of SFDC and over to Gainsight’s web app to shift the mentality that GS is the CSM’s tool.

However, we use Salesforce as our source of truth for Contacts, so I have reports on the Salesforce Contact object on our C360 to show active and all contacts to the CSMs. 

For the folks logging in via SFDC’s GS NXT app, they can click the kebab menu to modify or an “Add Record” button to create records from these reports.


But for folks logging in from the Gainsight web application, they are unable to add records or click the menu to edit records.


This limitation causes a lot of friction for the team because they are required to navigate to Salesforce and look up the contact record, and then click edit which adds 3-5 touches to make an update, rather than 1 click from the SFDC app. That being said, I want to use a formula field in GS to create a hyperlink to the SFDC Contact record that I can show in my report so users can click that link to navigate directly to the Contact record from the Gainsight NXT web app. This would decrease friction and increase user-friendliness of Gainsight NXT vs. the SFDC GS NXT app. 

I’m really hoping someone magically has a solution for this that doesn’t include creating the hyperlink field in Salesforce 😅 but being able to create a Gainsight-only formula field used in the report off of the Salesforce contact object would immediately solve this issue.

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Hi All,

Unfortunately, this initiative is not currently aligned with our short to medium-term roadmap. We will reconsider it as soon as there is a significant increase in demand.