Format distorted when Timeline Activity is posted from Rules Engine to Slack

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Hi There,


So this is one of the use-case I have received from one of the customer that while trying to post Timeline Activity from Rules Engine to Slack by using Action :: Call External API .The Data posted has formatting issues. 

So this is the configuration that I have -



And the Note field in Activity Timeline object is a Rich TextArea and the payload field that be have configured( in Administration > Operations > External Actions. )is a normal String field, hence html tags are also getting posted.


When we fire the rule -



So Is there a way to handle this currently? If not, then can this be added to the road map?





@shiv_kumar_katiyar Thanks for bringing this up here, I will let you know soon. 


Is there any update on this feature request?

This should be a bug rather than a feature request.

Update on this bug?


Is there any update on this? Thanks

@Leomeirinho, @Phil754  and @tracyhigginsyoung Internal discussions are going on this and product team is coming up with alternate fix on this. I will update you here once this is considered for release. Thanks.

We are working on this, we will give a field which have only plain notes content using which we can overcome this challenge. I will update the status here once it’s available. Its recently open for QA.

@venkatesh is this bug already been fixed? thanks

Hi @Leomeirinho 

This distortion comes from lack of external system’s (Slack) ability in understanding standardized HTML. In Rules Engine, we have added a new option to remove HTML tags. You can leverage that to handle this distortion.

Sometimes HTML might break JSON data, in those cases as well, recommend the above option.

@venkatesh is this bug already been fixed? thanks

Hi @Leomeirinho,

We included the “Notes Plain-Text” field in the timeline object. This will resolve the issue.