FontAwesome Icons

We are licensed for FontAwesome and would like to use those icon sets as opposed to images or Gainsight’s defaults as available. FontAwesome is one of the most popular and most used web fonts and is used for the purpose of iconography.

The FontAwesome library comes included and is available to be used in your PX Engagements!


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I just wanted to clarify a few items on the use of Font Awesome with PX Engagements for yourself and others…

  1. PX does not automatically enable/include the Font Awesome CSS libraries in the target PX-tracked application. 
  2. In PX, you can include these fonts while building Engagements in PX (through Engagement HTML source code editing) and they look amazing in our Engagement Editor. :) 


  3. To see these fonts displayed properly in your target application with a live PX Engagement, your development team must also ensure that they have added Font Awesome CSS libraries in your application as described in their online documentation.  Otherwise, the live PX Engagement will look something like this, which is not good at all. 



@link_black We need support FontAwesome 5.X and the soon to be released 6.X - we have an enterprise license. 4.7 is great, but it is different enough and does not have all of the icons we may want to use. We at least need to be able to insert the ‘far’, ‘fal’ and ‘fas’ classes without the editor stripping it out, so we can see it when it is in the application.

@ryan.deverman Please post this last comment again as a separate Product Idea so our PX Product team can track/update.  Thanks!

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