Folders in the rules engine

I'm still in implementation with GS but I see that very quickly we're going to have a ton of rules.  I'm being very strategic about the naming conventions, but it would be really helpful if I were able to create folders for the different rules to live in. Ideally there would be the ability to have folders within folders so that we can differentiate rules for Scorecards, Customers, etc and then within that nest other folders for rules that differ by segment.
OMG yes. Naming conventions only get you so far.

Alternatively: the ability to tag rules, and then filter the rules interface for certain rule characteristics. I'm sometimes interested in, "show me all the rules that run right at midnight", or "show me all the rules that create CTAs". But I could imagine tagging to be an extra layer of metadata so that I could teach the rules interface to be able to show me, "show me all the rules that have some sort of impact on my scorecard", or "hide the rules that don't relate to a certain team".
Scalability and Manageability are sorely lacking in this tool - Rules, Playbooks, Reports. Need a better mechanism for organizing many of these components.
I like this idea. Currently the Rules Engine is very unmanageable.
Completely agree. We've already implemented folders in Vault which holds Playbooks, Survey, Rules and Reports (soon). We'll then move to doing something similar in the core product. 
Do we have a target timeframe of when we can expect to this to be released?
And I'm totally open to bribing with chocolate, beer, chocolate beer...
Man this would be killer. I'm gonna sprain my index finger with all this scrolling.
Has there been any movement on this? I'm taking over administration of a fairly beefy set of Rules and they're incredibly hard to decipher easily. I can rename them, and implement our own naming and tagging conventions, but it's surprising to see this mentioned two years ago and nothing has surfaced as far as I've seen.
This definitely needs to happen.  Double Yes Please!!
Hi All,

Folders will be available in Rules in the April 9 Release. You can manage your rules in a much better and organized way. Moving rules across folders is as simple just dragging them into folders. you can create folders up to 2 levels similar to reporting. When you add a new rule, you can chose an existing folder and the rule will automatically be part of that folder.



I saw this in our Sandbox last week and was super pumped! I also noticed that there was a link to the Analyzer when viewing a Rule in Rules Engine. So much to look forward to in this release! Thanks @jitin_mehndiratta