Folders for uploaded images

Hi All,

We upload so many different images to our Engagements on PX, it can be quite overwhelming to find the right image if we wanted to reuse something (and uploading it again just shows us duplicates which again adds to the scrolling torture!).


Would it be possible to bring in folders which we can add images to? that way we can categorise our images into things such as ‘Email Hero Images’ ,  ‘Product A GIFs’ or ‘Company Logos’


It would be a massive time saver for us!

@Jack-Occleshaw thank you for sharing your request here. I will the check the possibilites.

@Jack-Occleshaw @sai_ram I had the same ask on 

 We are trying to allow our marketing teams & CX more templating flexibility when creating standards and best practice templates for each engagement type, but it’s really cumbersome when there’s hundreds of images in there, with no sorting really, that someone’s used in testing or something. 

H @cjacksonfe  This is part of enhacements we are planning as part of our next endeavour - Templates Home we are targetting for the end of this year.