Folders for Email templates

Can we have folders for email templates similar to reports. This would help in organising templates and would make navigation easier
I know this has been brought up before. I am still very aboard the +1 for this idea! It would be a huge help in organizing our communications (we have a LOT).

For now though, I'll mention that Gainsight does have a "variant" feature that is intended to help with template overcrowding. This allows you to take a standard communication and add slightly tweaked versions underneath it. Then you can define what criteria to look at when picking a variant in the outreach setup. I'd reference the Create and Sent Multi-Variant Emails KB.
I'd also like to throw my voice in on this one and mention that we do use variants. The variant feature has been helpful to some extent in this regard, but we still have hundreds of templates. I might even add a suggestion of folders/categorization of some sort for power lists and outreaches.
Another idea in conjunction with folders, or possible in lieu of, is tags. I think things could be more organized if I could tag a template and then search templates by tags. Folders would be better, but tags would be a big help!
Hi Ben and Britton,

Thanks for sharing this idea. We will add it to the backlog and prioritize the same in the roadmap. We have standardized folders as a way for organizing assets(reports,vault etc.) in the product and will move towards this direction.

A follow up question - Is it purely for organizing or are there use cases for permissions and access control at a folder level?


Abhishek S
I would say yes, permissions is a nice addition. I have some "sacred" email templates that truly cannot be edited. Things that we send out for compliance standards. These shouldn't be modified, but I wouldn't mind if they were cloned and used for other things. 

So, yes, I do think both organizations and permissions would be ideal.
Thank you Abhishek for the update!

I didn't think about the permissions and access question, but now that you bring it up, I think that would be very helpful. We have a manager here who needs to edit only a couple of templates. If we could restrict access to the folder where the templates are stored, we can tighten down on potential errors.
I'll throw in my two cents!  Folders would be a great help for us from an organizational standpoint.  If, on top of that, we could add view and/or edit permissions per folder, that would be amazing!  A major request from our CSMs is just an email repository that they can grab a template from.  If I can give them view to one folder with all the templates they may want to send to their customers, they could avoid having to create a CTA and add a playbook of 7+ templates, just to send one.
Folders in the Email Template area would be a huge help to my organization. Multi-variant emails do not work for our needs, and so we have a plethora of cloned email templates (all with similar names and content) floating around the "CoPilot / Email Templates" area. The ability to organize would be MASSIVE. 
Yes please! Now that we're adding Success Plans and email assists to our playbooks, we're going to have SO MUCH MORE email templates. Folders or some way to organize would be so HELPFUL!
Is there an update on this? We have years of templates in gainsight and the lack of organization makes it difficult to audit our current copies. We have relied on naming conventions which is helpful, but only gets us so far.

We've used variants in some instances and are exploring consolidating existing related emails by using variants. However, folders or tags would allow us to quickly organize our templates and delete unused emails. 
Is this still on the roadmap? We've rolled out Gainsight to more teams and as a result, the number of emails has exploded. We absolutely need folders and tags to make this scaleable. 
29 votes!!! There's gotta be some traction here from Gainsight!.... 😃 Please! haha
Any update here? We have 400+ emails and growing. Folders or some sort of tagging system would make life much easier for our team.

This is absolutely needed.

Any update on this? The ability to organize JO emails into folders will be critical for our org. Thanks!

We also need folders for Email Templates.

It will be easy to choose relevant template when we edit Email in Program.

Hi folks, we are going to be picking up this enhancement in the coming months and should have email template foldering later on in 2019.


Definitely much-needed. Excited to hopefully see folders in an upcoming release!

Hi All,Happy to inform you that we have implemented the request raised here.

With this release(6.4), you can now create folders in Email Templates and Programs pages to organize your templates and programs respectively. All the folders are displayed in the left pane on the respective page. If you click any particular folder name, all the templates or programs included in that folder are displayed in the right pane. Gainsight provides a default folder called Uncategorized where all of the existing Email Templates and Programs are stored. You cannot modify the name of this folder or delete it.

ou can create new folders and move the existing email templates and programs into the new folder. You can also nest any number of folders in another folder.

please follow this article for more information.

Thanks for brining this up!