Folder system or ability to categorize reports

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When I first started making reports I put a prefix on the report to indicate where it was being used such as "360 - CTAs..." or "Dash - My Contacts...".  Now that I have a lot more reports it would be helpful if there was a way to categorize the reports to indicate where they are being reference.  This could be manually set by the person creating the report or if they system could dynamically tell where it was referenced and then display that in Reports 2.0 the person editing the report could be more aware of where that report is used and what consequences it could have for users.
You have touched on some important usability issues, Lauren. Let me repeat these back to you for clarity:

  • Need information on where a particular report is being used/referenced (C360, Dashboards, Success Snapshots, etc.)
  • Need better organization capabilities to manage the ever-growing list of reports you and your team are creating
We are working on design enhancements that will cover these use-cases. We'll reach out to you for feedback once we have the mock-ups ready.

Thanks for the feedback. We are overhauling the landing page experience of report builder and intend to implement the capabilities you've requested. You can expect the improvements to be implemented in the next 2-3 months.

Completely agree with this need.
I just saw in the reports section and it's GREAT! 
I like how there is now ways to search for reports, but I still believe a folder system would be great! Sometimes I'm quickly creating a report for someone or for a dashboard and name it something that makes sense at the time, but later I can't quite find it.

It would be great to have folders I can organize such as CSM Reports, Executive Reports, Industry Reports.

Or, if we could tag reports with keywords we could later search.
Tags are good. Folders are preference.
Manu, any update on when we will have the ability to store reports in folders?  We are getting more and more requests for people to have access to Reports 2.0 and we simply cannot open it up broadly in its current state because it would be a management nightmare.
Manu/Sumesh - it's me again.  Looking for an update here. Our reports repository is becoming terribly unmanagable.
Me again.  I understand the folder structure should be released in the February update.  Will that include access controls?
^ How many times can I "Like" @Jeff's suggestion?
This is implemented with the recent release.