Flag/Star Important Timeline Activities

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One of the AMs asked if it’s possible in Gainsight to add a “Star” or “Flag” to Important timeline activities (similar to Gmail features) so that those entries/activities can be referenced later while scrolling through timeline. 






I’ve seen some similar suggestions to allow the “pinning” of important messages to the top of the timeline. One question to answer is - would that “pinning” or “starring” be universal for anyone who visited the account’s timeline, or would it just be pinned for the individual user (and other users could have different activity entries pinned)?

@dan_ahrens we would like to be able to pin Timeline activities universally. Pinning or “starring” with the ability to filter on those posts would greatly reduce the amount of time we spend combing through the Timeline when preparing for customer meetings.

@All, Thanks for bringing this up! We have added this to our product backlog, I will update you here once we consider it for release. 

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Hi @sai_ram! Is there any update on this feature request? Thank you!

This is on our medium term roadmap. We will get to it in early 2021.

@nitisha_rathi Any update on this, or clearer timeline for implementation?

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Yes we are considering this ask of pinning an activity. Due to other high priority items it is getting pushed. Hopefully, we’ll get to it by the end of this year/early next year.


Has there been any update to this? 


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@Bhawya would you be able to comment on the latest?

We have not been able to plan this item as team has been working on other high priority items. Once we have visibility on when this can be picked up, I will update this thread.