Fine-grained date/time filters?

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I've made extensive use of the Gainsight PX API and so I know that fields like lastSeenDate and signUpDate can be specified in milliseconds as part of the filter. However, the UI (eg: Audience Explorer) seems only to allow filtering at a granularity of days. Is there any way to do fine-grained filtering in the UI? I have tried using a URL (eg: but that doesn't seem to work.



Hi Matt,

The granularity that you would like doesn't surface in the UI, unfortunately. Thus, it's limited to days for now.

I'm tagging our Product leaders @mickey @ciarapeter to surface this up to them as we improve on PX and build new functionalities.

Thanks Alex. Not the answer I was hoping for, but I appreciate the follow up.

Hey Matt, are you able to share a couple of your use cases/ reports that you were trying to run using the Audience Explorer? May be we can help you with those using other reports available in PX.

Hi Harshi,

For example, I would be interested to see how long it takes for a new user to complete an action or use a given feature immediatley after account creation. If the goal for that is within a few hours of signup, I don't see a way to query for that. Does that help?

Thanks for clarifying Matt.

It sounds like "Path Analyer" to me.

You probably have used Path Analyzer before, but if you do the following, it should be able to address your use case:

1. Filter: Signed up < 1 day

2. Starting with: Use either "Landing Page URL"/ Start session to understand the first features your users are interacting with

3. Ending with: Choose the feature you want to assess as to how many clicks/ steps it takes for users to get there.

4. Threshold: 2 or 3% : this reduces the noises/ corner cases

5. You can view this path either at a user or session level

6. You can apply time period filters and other user attribute filters

Let me know if this helps or if you have any follow up questions

cc: @alextran

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Thanks Harshi, but would this give us visibility into the time between events within the 24 hr window?

Matt - We aren't able to surface time explicitly on the Path Analyzer, however, you can view the path at a session level so you know the # of sessions for a given time frame.

Also we released a new feature this week measuring average session time on our Custom Dashboard. You can add this as a widget onto the custom dashboard.

You can set the date range of Path Analyzer the same as date range for the Average session duration widget on dashboard. This should provide some idea of the timing between features.

Hi @matt From your perspective, is there still a feature request here? If so, I can move the conversation over to our PX Ideas category for better tracking.

@matt did you get a chance to view comments by @lila_meyer 

Hi @sai_ram @lila_meyer -- yes, I think this is still a valid use case. “Days” is too coarse-grained.