Filtering on Time of DateTime Field

We are looking to set-up rules that will run every 2 hours and would want to be able to filter on the time at which it was last modified/created. Is this something possible?

  • Since the rules will run every 2hours, we would like to filter Date >= Substract N hours from date
  • We are updating data in SF and it is increasing the number of records to update 


+1. Definitely a nice option to have in rules.

And should work like below scenario.

Date >= Subtract N Hours from Rule Date Hour.


So for ex, if the rule running on 17/12/2021 11 AM, then it will fetch the previous 2 Hours records on same date and again it is running on 1 PM then it should bring the previous 2 hours records,….and so on.



This is a great idea. Thanks for posting this. I’ll add it to the backlog and we will evaluate this for our future development.

This would be great to have. Right now, I have to go back a full day (up to 48 hours), just to catch records that were potentially modified in the past few hours.