Filtering and Sorting on Survey 2.0


I think it would be useful to be able to sort/filter on all records on Survey 2.0. As of now, it only works for the records on the first page.



@lucianluta Thanks for posting! could you please provide more details for better understanding.

Sure. In Survey 2.0 the filtering and sorting in Total Users (all) works only for the first page of contacts. If you have multiple contacts and pages, the filter/sort doesn't apply to all of them, it applies only for those contacts visible on the first page.

Does that make sense?

Hi @lucianluta,

Point noted. Curious to know what's the intent here.... Do you wish to narrow down on some participant? If Yes, then Global filter comes to your rescue

BTW, This change request is enrolled in our backlog.

It's a lot faster than adding a Global filter, but let's say I could live with that.

There is no Global sorting I can use to see everyone in a specific order. It would allow the admins to work faster when showing the information.