File attachments in Timeline view

I'm wondering if we have anything on the roadmap regarding the ability to attach files to an update in CS360 Timeline view?

We currently have the ability to create a link within the notes which is extremely useful, but it may also be useful to have the ability to attach an xls, csv, or doc file to the Notes section as well!
Yes, Tom.  Attachments are absolutely part of the vision here.  Based on some input we have received, we are sensitive to the fact that there may be a higher bar on access control around attachments compared to the Activity records themselves.  That is, there may be highly sensitive info in attachments that need to be restricted even from folks who can see the 360 and regular Timeline info.   Do you see it that way also?  Perhaps you can share some of the primary kinds of attachments that you would like to add so we can get a better sense of what sort of surrounding features we would need to make sure that you can use things effectively.  Thanks. 
Hi Karl, we have this same requirement.  Our use case is as follows:  prior to Gainsight, CS Acct Mgrs, upon completion of an account meeting, would create a chatter note on the SFDC account page, @mention all resources involved with the account, include some summary levels notes and then attach a document with full meeting notes.  

We would like to replace this practice with use of the Timeline Activity "Log a Meeting" feature, however not being able to attach the document is inhibiting us.  
Thanks.  Very helpful.  Sounds like you need both attachments and a way to push the Activity to certain recipients (somewhat like @-mention).  Both make sense and are on our backlog.  One thing that excites me is the possibility (unlike with chatter) to optionally send meeting notes to the external meeting participants, as well as internal.  
Ability to send to external contacts would be phenomenal.
+1 for attachments. I see that you could potentially add a url link to the notes. So, if you could put the attachment on Box/Drive you could at least have a path to it. 

Karl, I feel that if folks have the desire to post attachments on an activity in timeline, they would want the attachment to be seen as well. Would the permission level actually be at the timeline activity level and not just the attachment level?
+1 for attachments. Really would like to be able to attach Word doc or Excel for some Timeline 360 Activities! Thanks
+1 for attachments and @mentioned to notify other team members of key activities. 
Yes please, this would be great for our current workflow.
We keep excel documents for our higher touch customers that are Rolling Action Log style documents. It's a high level overview of escalations, cases, professional services activities etc, in a single document.  
+1 for attachments and @mentions
+1 for both attachments and @mentions!  This would be so helpful for our CSA/CSC and Sales teams.
+ 1 for attachments. This will save time for our csms
We are continuing to get asked about this by our CSM's. They are currently having to create CTA's simply for the need to attach a document which is time consuming when they have already logged their notes within Timeline. 

Is there an estimated 'timeline' (pun intended) on when this feature will be available? 
Hi Samantha,

We are planning to ship it in summer release.


Nitisha, what month is the ETA for the summer release? Thanks!
Hi Tracy,

The month of shipping this functionality is not confirmed yet, I will get back with exact dates.


+1 for attachments
+1 for attachments. is this moving along?
I'd also like to hear if there is an update on this?

Hi All,

Attachments in timeline will be available in summer(Aug) release. Also, adding inline images will be available by fall release.


Can you define 'inline image'? Are you saying we can copy and paste something like a screenshot into the timeline or into the notes? Would we upload an image?
Thanks for the confimation 🙂 :)

Copy+paste of image directly as Justin mentions above would be great
Attachments in Timeline will be available with the 5.9 release on Sept. 5. 
Fantastic!! Thanks 🙂

Will the attachment functionality coming in the 5.9 September release be only for timeline? Or will it also allow for attachments on the C360/R360?

Will attachments be able to be added via rules engine?

Appreciate the insight!