Field that imports the most recent comment in a ZenDesk thread into Gainsight for addition to the Customer 360


I was wondering if there were plans to expose a field that allows users in Gainsight to see the last comment posted to a given ZenDesk thread. I can see that the "Description" will bring the body into Customer 360, but this request has come up repeatedly from my org so I wanted to find out!

Agree - that would be interesting. It would help CSM get a quick glance on the current stage of the ticket without having to get into zendesk and go through the history. 

Bumping this back up! Would be awesome and has been requested by multiple CSMs on my team. @CurtisValentine @jean.nairon thoughts?

I’m not sure that you will be able to get this through the Zendesk Gainsight connector. But if you have Zendesk connected to Salesforce, you can likely pull this data in using a rules engine. But it does mean that you would need to connect Zendesk to SFDC first if you haven’t done that already. 

I agree though with this idea. There isn’t a lot of functionality for bringing single comments through the Zendesk Gainsight Connector. 

Hi Team. Thank you for submitting this request. We will analyze this request with our engineering team and get back. Just to be clear, @sam_leonard we want the last comment only right? 

@sam_leonard did you get a chance to view the comments posted by our teammate?