Field Comparison in Reports

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Hey Team,

This is Logan from Support. We've recently had a few requests for some additional features in the Report Builder's Advanced Logic that seem like great ideas!

Specifically, the ability to compare two fields to narrow down results. 

For example:

  • (Created By = 😵 AND (Assignee = X)
In this case, we would be looking for records where both the "Created By" would also have a "Assignee" of the same user. 

But we would need the ability to add variables in here, as we wouldn't want to specify which user exactly. 

In our Rules Engine "Setup Action" additional criteria, we have the ability to add a filter saying "Created By = FIELD (or VALUE)". This same type of filtering would be beneficial in the Reports for showing granular results that our users are looking for!

Thanks for the help! I'd be happy to provide additional information if requested.

I'll +1 this idea. It came up with me today on a call with a customer who was looking to do that exact same type of logic - comparing the values of two fields and filtering based on if the two fields were identical (or not identical). 
Yeah, +1 here as well. I could definitely use this for one of my customers. Without this capability, the only option is to write a bionic rule and loading values to another MDA object, which in my opinion, is way too cumbersome of a process.
+1 to this. Super valuable in bionic rule transformation, really need it for reports as well.

I assume this should be marked as “Implemented”, right? Since we can now compare string fields in HA.

@Azad can you pl confirm and we can then update the Idea status?

Yes this was implemented with HA.