Feedback on Horizon Cockpit and Custom views

In addition to the challenges already raised by these other two posts, I have some additional observations/points of feedback




  1. In Custom Views, the column selections don’t match the actual column order of the view.  The column order that admins establish in the builder should match the outcome (and admins should be able to drag and drop the columns in the desired order) .  Notice in the example below (which is a brand new Custom View that hasn’t been manually altered other than adding the “Next Task Due Date” field) the columns in the Admin config don’t match the columns in the Cockpit view:


  2. Admins should be able to pre-define column widths because some of the columns appear wider than necessary, reducing visibility of others and requiring additional scrolling: 


  1. The last column in a view is very difficult for end users to widen…
  2. Each view starts off with a “Company > Relationship” column (which is a bit confusing for end users when we don’t use relationships) but the real problem is
    • You can remove it via Admin config:
    • But you can’t find it again as it’s not available in the Filter list.   If you can’t recover it, you shouldn’t be able to delete it.  
    • BONUS if we can relabel it to just say Company.
  3. Why are the columns in the search box not alphabetical?

    That’s a start

Thanks for the useful feedback and the screen captures and gifs @darkknight .


@sriram pasupathi - it would be great to get your thoughts on the items Jeffrey shared above. 

Jeff, admin experience is something we want to work on in the next two quarters. We hope that most of the issues you have pointed out will be resolved by that. Regarding column width, we are working on it to get it fixed soon. Thanks.

+1, it would be very helpful if we could remove default columns, rename columns and rearrange sizes similar to regular reports and dashboards. 

To add to this, normally when I have a filter and I’m searching for a field I can type “Name” and it will show me all occurances of a “Name” field, including via lookups. 

When users customize the view, they only see the top level field (and it’s not even clear that’s what it is, because all you see is “Name”): 


Furthermore, when I create admin views, I don’t have the same functionality as I or end users do in creating custom a custom view.


For example, if I want to create a custom filter for myself using CTA>Owner>Name (which I have to manually find thank you!), I have these Operator options:

Noteably, the ‘in’ operator here will allow me to select multiple other users in a single filter: 


If, as an Admin I want to make a specific view, I can’t do that. When I select the same ‘Name’ field I have different operators:

Here, I have no way with a single filter to select more than one “Other User”. 

(Note: I know we can add multiple filters instead)



@anirbandutta one of the comments on this other thread from two years ago



do you have any update on which year we can hope to start seeing improvements to the admin experience in Q3/Q4? And also in the context of this thread?

Thanks! :)

It would also be great if we could clone admin views, which is kind of what this is: 


@sriram pasupathi any update on this? Your last comment was 2 years ago saying that this was the focus of the “next 2 quarters” yet most of this is still a problem.

@anirbandutta looks like Sriram is no longer with Gainsight. May you please loop in the current PM? Thanks!