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Posting this on behalf of a customer...


It would be good to have the possibility do dispatch notification emails based on issue "type". Right now we have one address that receives all the submitted feedback, and we do the dispatching manually – issue to support, feature request to POs, etc. This takes, as you can imagine, a lot of time.

So, it would be very good to have the possibility when setting up email notifications about received feedback, to define who receives the feedback. Additionally, since we know what account is sending feedback, it would be good if we could say, send notification email to their account manager (we store that data in PX).

Also, adding the web address (and possibly the mapped Feature/Module) where the user submitted their feedback into the notification email would give us more context when analyzing.


If you have suggestions, thoughts, and/or also would like something similar for your teams, please let us know.


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Hi @link_black, did this move forward in any way? The current set-up is triggering a lot of manual work, and being able to send the received feedback contextually would be very helpful. Right now we spend a lot of time just distributing e.g., issues to our support. 

Hi @ikranjcec, not that I am aware of, but if I learn more I will let you know.


Much of our Product Management team’s new feature prioritization is based on multiple customers requesting the same feature, so if anyone else needs this feature then please like/comment this thread.  Thanks!


Please Vote for this idea if it’s important to you! We now have an explicit Vote option on Idea posts. :)

Hi! do we have any additional info on this, is it taken into consideration? We have a complex product and not being able to dispatch makes it harder for us to manage feedbacks that are coming. Thank you! @julie_pinto 

Yes please, we need a way to automate the sending of the issues to our customer support team. Just seeing the issues are without any way of manipulating it isn’t very useful.

Echoing the sentiments above… the ability to customize our own feedback ‘types’ and route each to their own inbox for separate teams to manage would be immensely helpful :pray:

bumping this up, i think this would bring a lot of value to the feedback bot


today, we’re having all of this feedback forwarded to our support team for triaging issues to zendesk, feature requests to our idea portal for pm’s, other & feedback to sales or pm’s depending.  it’s been a little clunky to say the least, but from the customer experience side, customers love having this within the UI so we’re hesitant to turn it off.

it would be so great if we had the ability to define the email address each of these options forwarded to.

it would also be great if we had the ability to select which options we wanted in the drop down. (e.g. it would be great if i could add speak with your CSM, and have KC Bots scoped to audiences by CSM.). i may even want to remove one of the options, like other or general feedback.  things like that i’d normally bundle into conversations my customers would want to have with their csm.

We’d also get a lot of value out of this improvement.

Hello all,
Thank you for your feedback! 
​​​​​​​Capability to address the pain points mentioned above is being added to PX; should be out soon :)

@Chandu yay! thank you so much for following up! we’re excited to see this!


looks like the relationship you and zendesk have is really great, I added some feedback at ZenDesk about this as well but didnt receive any acknowledgement from their product teams. from the conversations i’ve had with my CSM at ZD, their bot feels very much MVP or at best Version 1.0, it’d be so awesome if we could incorporate the best of Zendesk into the PX KC Bot, especially since we have PX fully built out now within our products and it knows exactly who the company and person is, where ZD doesnt

@willpatterson  This feature is currently that we are working on and should be available with the release next week.

We have added capability to add Dynamic feedback categories - meaning that  you can define your own feedback categories and for each category define the workflow to slack channel/Email forwarding list etc.


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