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when exporting data from Feedback module, the table does not contain any data about the customer. Only the feedback itself, and when was it left.  It would be helpful to get list of all attributes, same as you have on other exports in PX. Not having all information makes it hard to make any deep dive analysis. (e.g., what customers are leaving feedback, what regions, what products are they using e.g.).



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Good suggestion @ikranjcec!


In the Feedback Report section, you can download the user/account information if you select the appropriate “Measure by” dropdown, but as you stated it is not directly connected with the Feedback data. 


In the interim, with the Feedback Events download and Feedback Users download you should be able to join them using the “Date” field (Feedback Events) and “last submitted” field (Feedback Users) with a VLOOKUP or another data join method.



Thank you @link_black 


Here’s an issue:

  • When exporting users I have 256 records
  • When exporting feedback I have 315 records.

This only finds last submitted, and everything before that stays unidentified, if someone left the feedback more than once.  The blurred ones on the image are identified, rest not:



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Hi, any updates on this? Thank you