Feature request: [Engagement audience] Disabled rule without deleting it

I’d like to have the ability to disable an audience rule without deleting it.

Use case:
1. I have an engagement with many audience rules (e.g. user segment, previous engagements).
2. I want to test it on our staging environment.
3. I don’t want to delete the carefully crafted rules, but I do want to trigger it on staging for testing purposes.
As it is now, I’d have to delete/change the rules so the engagement will be triggered and then I’d have to restore those rules after testing before launching.



Thanks for posting Yishai! 


Having more flexibility like this within Audience Logic would be nice.  Usually this use case can be quickly handled with either…


1) a URL Rule using an OR condition

  1. or by using our new  PX Product Environments to select the active Environment


Check out our online documentation about Testing Engagements.


@link_black  I may have not made the use case clear enough.

My use case is during the development of the engagement, before launching it on production.
I want to temporarily disable some audience restrictions so that I can experience the engagement myself (for testing).

+1 to this! As I am making engagements with more complex audience rules, I want to be able to launch a test to myself without erasing the rules or creating a copy to test with. It’d be awesome to be able to: 

  • Do the engagement build, including the rules
  • For a final test, disable (but not delete) some of the audience rules and target myself with a temporary rule
  • Do my testing, make sure it’s all good
  • Re-enable the rules and delete the rule targeting just me